Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Love

Rory has good reasons to act that way,
Lorelai has good reasons to act that way also..

to my rory(s),
thank you so much..
i know you care..
i love you guys..

to my christopher,
i thank you too..

to the not-christophers,
and others affected by it,
i am sorry..

i'm ready

Sunday, July 27, 2008

together again =)

Farah Nadia Omar
Nadia Munji Zakariah
Siti Nurfairuz Mohd Fathir

the bottom two can be considered as "see each other regularly"
this is the story bout the top one whom is known dearly to us as fanad.
seriously, after spm we never hang out. the only time we met was at a friend's wedding some 3 years ago. other than that nada. just texting, friendstering, wondering.....
huuu.... but yesterday berjumpalah kami "dengan penuh kemesraan dan kasih sayang"
rindduuuuuuuuuuu sangat!
seronok sangat berjaya jumpa though sekejap..
perasaan tu hanya kami yang faham..

fanad, i miss you..
hehe.. munji.. rindu kamu juge...

penantian satu penyeksaan

yesterday went to midvalley to hang wit fanad n nadiamunji.
janji kol 11, i sampai at 1145, fanad arrived at 1, nad arrived at 2. heh!

so sementara menanti, tgh sale kan? huhu.. fay dgn hepatomegalynyer beli2 stuf (bukan shopping, beli2 barang).
lepas tu out of nowhere;
"hi, u're beautiful" said a foreign man.
fay pon dgn niat menjadi warganegara yang baek pon say "thanks" and bersembanglah dgn mamat ni..
he's from algeria and we talked and he asked to go to some place quiet. so i brought him to little penang cafe and to my surprise he said this place is quite inconvenient for what we're going to do.
i was like "what are we going to do?"
realizing he doesnt want to go to a quiet place to talk, (and mengawal perasaan and trying hard not to freak out) i said to him the lifesaving words.

"sorry, i have to go"

when i think back cam takuuutnyer.. friends, tolong la jgn biar me wander around tunggu korg lagi.. takuuut.... yg me ni pon baek sangat lak melayan.. bodo.. but siape expect kn? midvalley is a shopping mall pon, tatau lak ader perverts mencari mangsa..
tapi fanad pon belanja makan manhattan fish market.. so terubat sket ar but still, takuuuuut...

Saturday, July 26, 2008


"We think the aspirin dose is high,
patient was given 150mg OD but references stated should be 75 mg."

"Where are you now?"


"Where is that?"

"Kuantan, Malaysia"

"Which reference u gune?"


"You kat Malaysia gune British buat ape?"

"Kitorg International, madam.."

guys, korg mmg klaka.. sib baek mdm gelak..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

freaks in love


they got married.
love is such a funny thing.
matters of the heart, we really have no say in it.

Friday, July 18, 2008


thursdays are our days on the field.. every thursday we'll have attachment either for pharmacotherapeutics or pharmacy practice. so this thursday, for our pharmacotherapeutics we did our attachment at hospital kemaman.

our first attachment with Dr Han as the preceptor. (2nd actually). To our surprise, die taklah garang or ape.. Our case presentation turned out to be stress free, very educational with bits of (his) humor every 7 minutes. haha! (by the way, sape tau nitrate interval nyer mechanism?)

owh, hospital ini sangat aman.
and sangat cute.. like separated buildings cm small cottages here and there.. cute sangat!

wish could work here but jauh dari umah.
shah alam! shah alam!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gossip Girl


last week unexpectedly bumped into my junior dkt cafe.
she's 3 yrs younger (form 1 mase i form 4) and her name is izyan. so anyways, last nite she came to my room nk pinjam notes (fay menjadi senior skolah yg baek).. together with my 'aunty aimi' yg nk get notes jugak (fay mmg baek la.. haha!) and sbbkn lack of entertainment and ability to provide great hospitality (br perasan tak offer korg air pon.. offer daim korg tanak) we ended up tgk2 pics dlm my laptop.
and terbukaklah semula kisah2 terendak.. huhu..
segala gossip ar.. ganas gak izyan ni gossip.. pasal my frens pasal teachers.. huuu.. sumer warga terendak ar..
'besela org peramah sumer org nk citer' <-- her ayat...
and paling tak tahan her remark 'eh, cikgu zalilah.. tu husband die ke?'(guess who?) =P
borak2 tergelak tak sedar da kol 1230.. huhu..
and dah baaaaaaanyakk benda i discovered. byk surprises.. some made me laughed some left me speechless..
but so much fun to look back.. especially with the aid of a gossip girl like izyan.. heheh

sorry aimi terpaksa dgr je kitorg merapu2..
my doors are always open.. datangla lagi~

Monday, July 14, 2008

tagged by sappil

bloghopping tadi and found out i've been tagged by sappil

1 minit yang lalu, apa anda buat?
- makan nasi kerabu.. ader gangguan phone call then sambung makan nasi kerabu

1 hari yang lalu, apa anda buat? - a friend's engagement.

1 hari lagi, apa anda akan buat? - kelas, meeting, report.

1 orang yang terakhir menelefon kamu? - 'anak'ku.

1 makanan yang baru dibeli? - nasi kerabu (mak beli, kire tak?)

1 barang yang baru hilang? - no recent loss =D

1 cerita yang baru ditonton? - hancock

1 hal yang terakhir digosipkan? - partai bergaduh? duh! mane ader!

1 kata yang ingin diluahkan? - saye mahu itu...

1 buku yang sudah dibaca? - it had to be you, gossip girl

1 penyakit yang sering datang? - serabut

1 keinginan? - kalau boleh, i want that... itu lah yg saya inginkan

(re)starting fresh

things to do:


learn to say no.

learn not to care.

be happy(~ier).


assumptions are not always right.

statements from the horse's mouth are not always the truth.

if u don't have the facts, don't assume.

just shut up.