Thursday, April 30, 2009


I reached the top.
Low's Peak is not low at all.
Thanx rakan2.
thank you segala gadgets, gears, media, applications and service providers yang terlibat.
"-.- penaat.. tdoo..

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am in Sabah. =)
Been great so far~
^mental notes^ ^mental notes^

Tak bermaksud meninggalkan.
Tak sengaja mengabaikan.
*kelip2* for you. ***ah*!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

He is not Dean.
Definitely not.
It's more like Sloan & Torres.
Without those things.
Definitely without.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Us. Love.

The end is near.
These are some of the keeps.

Before habis exam.

JOHNNY'S (^.^)
After habis exam

Dr. Haniki

Gerai Depan Library yg bertuka2

Garden of Knowledge and Virtue ;)

Ke mana arah kan ku tuju?

Sila cari roommates masing2 ;P


Sob.. Sob..
Abes xm slalu rase nk balik je..
This one is no exception.
Tapi think back.. balik nnt tak dtg sini balik dah?
Aaaaaaa... sib baek ade weddings~


Lindsay. Dean. Rory.

I am Rory.
She could be Lindsay.
He could be Dean.

But I am Rory.
There was Jess.
So there'll be Logan?
I hope this is a different story.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It has been amazing this blast I'm having.
Amidst all of it; the loss, the stress.
Hoping the blast will last.
Smiles. Smiles.

blast from the past? hmm.. a bit cm peek from the future.. hmmm.. whatever it is, i really like the present.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

There was a Man.

It was Monday.
I will never forget Bapak's voice when he said,
"Uz, kene kuat tau."

That was enough. Really.
Thoughts rushed through my mind but honestly what I was about to hear was not one of it.
"Pakngah meninggal."

There was no words coming out from me. Just tears. His departure was so unexpected. We just went to see him not a month ago. That weekend I remembered we had a lot going on. Mak just got back from a trip to Singapore. I took a daytrip to Bukit Tinggi and others had their own plans. But the next Monday was public holiday and we just went to Ipoh anyway. (But kitorg memang like just go. Jom. Really thankful for that) Now I know that fateful week of attachment at Wad Dahlia meant something. Allah is all-knowing. That's why I missed him so much that week. (I even thought of getting on a train to Ipoh) That was the last I saw of him. I did not know that. I did not expect that.

I couldn't be there. I was told later that day because they wanted me to focus on my exam that day. I love my family. Alhamdulillah everything went well. That's what I heard from Mak, Bapak, Maksu, Abang, Maklang and others who were there.

"Muka arwah nampak cantik sangat. Bersih. Bila celakkan nampak lagi cantik"

Alhamdulillah. Allah is all-knowing. 'Redha' abang kate. So I'll accept. Ini ending terbaik utk Pakngah. I'll accept. My parents said Pakngah pegi senang je. And Alhamdulillah semua dapat dtg and sempat tgk jenazah.

Everytime balik PJ would borak dgn Pakngah. Pakngah likes to greet people cm in his own way. For quite some years now he'd greet me 'Hey woman.' Then there's Pakngah's Teh. Serious. The best in the world. I already missed this since Pakngah went to Ipoh. And this... Hermm..

I am the most cengeng one in the family I think. I think after that call, Mak called at least 3 times that night checking up on me. Abang pn kate jgn nanges. Maksu pn kate she really hoped I'd be ok. Ijah marah Kakngah nanges kan? Uz pn tau tak elok nanges. But I've got smone temaning me. Thank you. :) And I plan to stop crying soon. don't worry.

Pakngah, Uz & Ijah datang visit this wiken eh?
I love you. We love you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

tau tak elok menangis.

Friday, April 3, 2009


“If people truly love each other, when do you say enough is enough?” The girl starts blabbering about commitments, time, and a myriad of things. She sees his stupefied look, and she knows she’s somehow missed it by a mile. “Never”, he finally says.

I used to think this was bull.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Panorama Hill

this is one of the few times that i get to witness sunrise

the journey started as early as 4.30 am. (we think that the experts accompanying us added extras on the timing sbb having many doubts that we'll make it in time. haha! they were partly right.. pancit~)

err.. jakun sket (tak dpt cover)

thought crosses mind : org kt bawah nampak tak kitorg di sebalik awan?

this would be among our lasts together.
people, the end is near. i bet many times we'll be thinking

'owh this is the last time we get to do this...'
'this is the last time we get to do that...'

sob sob.

kelas last

"kelas last!! passing2 kertas last!! yeay!! =)"