Sunday, August 31, 2008

high five!

raised tangan for high five.
pastu fake bile the other side nk high five.
pastu merajuk (pura2kah?).

pastu pusing2.
dtg blk, sorry...
high five!

i find it sweet~

owh lagi satu...


moral of the story?
ermm.. sayangilah girlfriend anda?
model of the story?
huhu... i am not that lucky ~yet.. or is it ~anymore?
both kot..


i need help.

i really really really wanna feel merdeka like they feel..

like really really really...

saya ingin memahami dan mendalami erti kemerdekaan.

sila bantu saya.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

it is over!!!

finally mid term exam is over~


8 papers in 5 days..
we did it guys..
our 13th exam so far~

as much as i'm glad it's over ade banyak benda menanti..
research project..
and that that of another department..

til 3hb...
lame kn?
the sighs of a final year student..
sket je lagi..
sket je lagi..

then keje then baru pk nk further..
i really need a break from studying..
(though not as tekun but still...)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh, the IFs..

"Whenever you tried to hurt me,
I just hurt you even worse and so much deeper..
But if..

Oh, the IFs..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

21 August 2008

Alhamdulillah =)

I turn 23 on 21 August 2008

I thank Allah for His blessings
And Mak for bringing me into this world (and Bapak)
Owh, Thank you Bapak for the early birthday dinner at Pizza Hut
(time tu Pizza Hut full house but Bapak push jugak org tu sbb I really wanted Pizza Hut that night..)

I'd also like to personally thank

Mr Christopher =P
Nadia Munji
Kak Yati
Maryam OZ

For the birthday wishes at midnight =)

Owh, and not forgetting


For advanced birthday wishes for (allegedly) unavoidable circumstances..

Thank you for the gifts~

And for those wishing me later =) I thank you in advance~


Saturday, August 16, 2008

happy day

for some reasons, you did what you did.
i dont know the reasons,
but i thank you nonetheless.

i love my maktok

tadi teman my maktok pegi appointment dekat ppum..
lamenyer menunggu..
and they call numbers bukan ikut turutan kn?
so each time they announce number me and maktok would be like "kite ke? kite ke?"
and i said, "maktok, kite da macam tunggu nombor ekor naek lak"
maktok laughed.

bout five years back,
maktok lincah, buat katering utk functions, masak mcm2 byk2 utk ktorg sumer...
now, jalan kene pimpin, at times need help doing things that previously can be done on her own..
bukan nk complain on fate.. but it makes u sad bile pk..
sbb maktok tak suke susahkn org..
often she cried bile ktorg dtg sume bile she got admitted or dtg tmn g appointment or just dtg jenguk maktok..
dalam nanges she once said "susahkan korg jer"
takla maktok.. tak susah pon.. sket pon tak susah...

but we're still grateful that at least most of the time maktok bole manage herself..
ade lagi org yg lagi kurang bernasib baek..

i love you..
we all love you..

Friday, August 15, 2008



try and try pastu da berkenan.. tgk price RM 7++..

n : waaa.. sampai ati.. da la susah nk berkenan.. da berkenan cmni lak jadi..

f : aah.. da la susah nk berkenan.. hermmm... :(

p/s : i'm doing fine :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pharmily Day 08

kudos to our latest edition of juniors!!

=) and rasenyer not too late to wish you all welcome..

part of the committees

it's been a tradition since the first batch that the first years organize our annual family day.
so last sunday (3 Aug 08) our first years organized the 'Pharmily Day 08'


"kepada juniors diminta kosongkan kerusi di bawah canopy and biar akak2 and abg2 4th year duduk"
(terasa seperti org tua yang dihargai)

flying sandal~
hermm hermmm.. kontroversi yang maybe tak perlu dibawa ke sini =P

happy feet~
maen sampai lebam kaki.. huhu..

colouring contest~
seriously, spongebob's gary kaler ape sbnrnyer?

dr qamar dtg bwk wife.. weeee!!! a very pregnant wife~ =D


and pegi minum air kelapa dkt kedai berhampiran..
belah kelapa sendiri~

in short, the day was so much fun!
games, games, (they improvised the names.. cute), food, makan, and everyone's favourite;
photoshoot sepanjang hari.. ahahhah~ (thank you shamel for the glasses pinjam =P)

di atas pokok di tepi pantai

us with prof naeem's wife and kid

haryani, fay, naz, akma, nadia, piz, buzak, kae, fikri

theme : busuk

the senior citizens of kulliyyah of pharmacy

Friday, August 1, 2008

daku ingin pulang...

nak balik umah..................